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Soon ALL Nations remaining will promote "The Peaceful Solution" to End ALL WARS. To be a part of the SOLUTION, join us in promoting "The Peaceful Solution". The Peaceful Solution Character Education Incorporated has a comprehensive list of ways you can get involved in promoting the Peaceful Solution Character Education Program.

Working together we CAN make a difference. Let it start here... let it start with you!

For contact information for a specific country, use our handy World Government Index. For additional sites that also have contact information for embassies, consulates, and governmental bodies, see our Directory Listing below. If you have a site you would like us to link to, please send it to us. Report broken links here.

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Directory Listing of additional sites with contact information for embassies, consulates, and governmental bodies.

Embassy World -- Searchable Directory for the world's embassies and consulates
Government Gateway -- Comprehensive Listing of Government Sites

There IS a Solution for ALL conflict. 

There IS a Solution if you are willing to put aside the preconceived notions from your past.

There IS a PEACEFUL Solution, but we must TEACH OUR CHILDREN "The Peaceful Solution"

"Let it start here! Let it start with you!"

Click Here To Begin Teaching The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program

Get more information on how you can teach your own children, families and nations and be a part of

"The Peaceful Solution"

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program--PSCEP
Character Education Lesson Plan from The Peaceful Solution


Working with all NATIONS for WORLD Peace

-- "Teachers of Peace" supports and promotes "The Peaceful Solution"  --


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"Why Teach Character Development To Parents?
If only babies came with an instruction manual, how easy parenting would be. We would know exactly what to do and say to ensure that our children mature into productive, respectful, caring adults. But parenting is not that easy. A lack of skills and knowledge along with our uncertainties and fears make parenting a process of trial and error. We live in a society that is overwhelmed with violence and aggression, sexual promiscuity and disrespct for authority, making parenting even more challenging. How can parents in our modern world, filled with negative influences, raise children who are respectful, responsible, compassionate and capable of making moral choices? The Peaceful Solution Character Education Parenting Program will teach parents how to develop specific qualities, skills and methods to help their children attain positive characters despite negative environmental influences.

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