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PEACE can only come through TEACHING the Principles of PEACE.

Without a systematic World Wide, Multi-National, Multi-Cultural plan for TEACHING Peace there will be NO permanent Peace!  Be a part of  "The World Wide Peaceful Solution Character Education Program!"   Learn how to teach your children right from wrong!  Lessons in morality.

The Nations Are Under Attack!

Why is it that today most of the world lies in a state of endlessly searching for peace and health?  Why is there so much suffering in this world?  Why is it that mankind's history has been a history of bloodshed, wars, misery and poverty? 

It is because THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT from our youth. 

How Do We Learn?

Evidence is mounting that not only are diseases ingrained in the family genes or genome of the child, but also some mental predispositions appear to be ingrained in the genes and passed on to your children--predispositions of behavior.  How much these preprogrammed mental predispostions have to do with the child's mindset is only now being explored.

You must teach your Children!  Trauma syndrome traverses generations --Science News 149(May 18):310, Bower, B. 1996.
"Survivors of World War II's Holocaust who developed post-traumatic stress disorder may have passed on to their children a vulnerability to that condition.
Yehuda, R. 1996. One hundred and forty-ninth annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, New York City."

Though these inherited behavioral predispositions do influence a child's behavior, history and science have shown that repetitive training and experiences can overcome these predispositions.  In other words, the child's mind and behaviors can be changed via beneficial learning procedures and patterns, much as you would change a program for a computer.  If you want the program to produce a certain outcome, you put those instructions into the program.  If the outcome is not what it should be, the program was flawed and MUST be changed.

Peaceful Solution  Your Child's Brain, Newsweek, Feb. 19, 1996, p.56
It is the experiences of childhood, determining which neurons are used, that wire the circuits of the brain as surely as a programmer at a keyboard reconfigures the circuits in a computer. Which keys are typed--which experiences a child has--determines whether the child grows up to be intelligent or dull, fearful or selfassured, articulate or tongue tied. Early experiences are so powerful, says pediatric neurobiolgist Harry Chugani of Wayne State University, that "they can completely change the way a person turns out."
By adulthood the brain is crisscrossed with more than 100 billion Neurons, each reaching out to thousands of others so that, all told, the brain has more than 100 trillion connections. It is those connections--more than the number of galaxies in the known universe--that give the brain it's unrivaled power. The traditional view was that the wiring diagram is predetermined, like one for a new house, by the genes in the fertilized egg. Unfortunately, even though half the genes --50,000--are involved in the centural nervous system in some way, there are not enough of them to specify the brain's incomparably complex wiring. That leaves another possibility: genes might determine only the brain's main circuits, with something else shaping the trillions of finer connections. That something else is the environment, the myriad messages that the brain receives from the outside world...

The facts point to environment which among other things is the teaching program!  The human mind is motivated and taught to learn through continual repetition, rehearsing and practice.  This has been proven to be the most effective way to learn in childhood.  Whether it is in our homes, our schools, or our everyday lives, we remember best those things that are continually repeated, rehearsed and experienced

You must teach your Children! How Children Learn --
"It has generally been assumed that in the arena of deliberate, intentional, mindful, and strategic learning, young children are woefully inadequate. But recent scientific studies have revealed hitherto unsuspected strategic competence and metacognitive knowledge in young children."

As it says in an ancient Proverb, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6

Yes, with proper training appropriate moral character can be ingrained on the mind of a child so that it will be an active part of the personality of the child and so modify the behavior from negative to positive.  This character education or modification will endure through adulthood and old age.

While it is never too late to begin to learn new things, it has been proven by the scientific community that the young have an advantage.  Things that children are taught shape their entire lives, and the future of mankind... after all, our children are our future.

We have been taught throughout our lives that "practice makes perfect" and that "what you put into it is what you get out of it".   We were taught that by rehearsing our letters and practicing our reading we would comprehend and excel at the written word.  We were taught that by rehearsing our numbers and practicing our math we would learn to count and conduct business.

We were taught that by learning the concepts of physical prowess, then rehearsing and practicing, we would excel among our other sports-enthused teammates.

So, why were we never taught how to properly interact with each other?  Why do we continue to have terrorism, war, and an endless searching for peace in the world?

The Problem and the Solution --The Peaceful Solution
® EDUCATION program

We were taught many things-- basic things just as have been taught among all nations, races and creeds of mankind for thousands of years, and yet these things have never brought world peace, an end to crime and abundant health for all.  It is time to change all of that.

Ask yourself why it is that the very first things we should have been taught were never taught and rehearsed to us. 

The cycle continues.  We continue to live in the ignorance that was taught to our parents, which was taught to them by their parents and a society that does not have the answers.  The cycle must be broken if we are to change the outcome.

We are facing the same problem that has plagued mankind for thousands of years, however, the ferocity and magnitude is building unlike any other problem that the world has ever had to face.  This will continue building unless we do something to stop its growth.  The problem is a sickness that has been bred into the minds and hearts of everyone in the world today to one degree or another from their youths.

Peaceful Solution  Under Deadman's Skin: Discovering the Meaning of Children's Violent Play --Health MSN.com
What does it mean when 6-year-olds play "Suicide"? Do violent movies and language make for violent children?
"I disagree that children should be allowed to play with pretend guns of any kind. I think it is just as wrong to play killing as it is to play rape. Yet, parents who would be horrified if their child played rape see nothing wrong with their child playing murder. It may sound "cuter" to say "cops and robbers" or "cowboys and indians", but it really is just playing murder."

We are not just looking at isolated incidences of abuse, suffering and murder. We are looking at the history and future of mankind which is growing into mass revolutions, assaults, murders, and waves of violence of the magnitude that is and will totally ruin the wealth, livelihood, lifestyle, and social structure of all families, or at the least the vast majority of lives.  In a few short years this escalating nightmare will not be able to be stopped.

Peaceful Solution  Palestinian children prefer war games --ARABIC News.com
"Social workers are needed in Palestinian schools to deal with psychological and behavioral problems facing Palestinian children, especially the games they choose to play, said Palestinian researcher Ghassan Thouqan, who conducted a study on the impact of the Palestinian uprising on children games.
Thouqan said the study had shown that 77 percent of male children tend to take military roles in the games while there was a 27.8 percent of females who shared the same preference with boys. The role of the FIDAI, Arabic for commando, who sacrifices his life, came first in the kind of roles, reaching 49 percent among boys, followed by the role of masked youths (19 percent) whose role had characterized most of the uprising activities between 1987 and 1994.  ..."

What we see is not only frightening, it is world threatening, because those born and bred in this generation of violence will also become leaders in this generation.  This trend MUST be halted.

Teach Peace NOT War!  Day Care Linked to Aggression --ABC News.com
"A 10-year, 10-city federal study found that 4 ½-year-olds who spent the most time in day care away from their parents were more likely to be aggressive and exhibit behavioral problems when they got to kindergarten. ...children who spend more than 30 hours per week in child care "scored higher on items like 'gets in lots of fights,' 'cruelty,' 'explosive behavior,' as well as 'talking too much,' 'argues a lot,' and 'demands a lot of attention."

Children when left to themselves do not learn PEACE!  Seeing Violence Can Affect Kids More Than Adults Realize -Parents Underestimate How Much Violence Preschoolers Are Exposed To --Health MSN.com
"Young children who have witnessed acts of violence, even if they were not directly involved, can be deeply affected, a new study shows. But because these kids often show no obvious symptoms of harm, it's easy for parents, educators, and doctors to overlook the damage done to them.  ...this may be because parents are unaware of their children's exposure to violence -- for instance, if the child spends part of his day in child care -- or because the parents may repress such information."

You must teach your Children!  Seeing Violence Promotes Violence in Kids --Health MSN.com
"...researchers are finding out more about what's behind the plague of violent acts. Sixth graders who see or are the targets of violence are more likely to become violent themselves"

Learn the way of Peace!   School-Associated Violent Deaths in the United States, 1994-1999--Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)
"...an estimated average annual incidence of 0.068 per 100 000 students. Between 1992 and 1999, the rate of single-victim student homicides decreased significantly; however, homicide rates for students killed in multiple-victim events increased (P=.047)."

We must make sure that wherever our children go they are taught peace.  Day Care centers, the babysitter, school, home, WHEREVER they are, they learn.   It is evident that they are learning all the time, and we must make sure that they are learning the ways of peace, not war.  This can only be done if we as the human race change our way of thinking, and implement it in every place our children go.

Many people think that our government officials have the responsibility to bring peace in the world.  Leaders are elected or put into power over nations with the idea that they will be able to keep peace with neighboring nations, and the superpowers of the world.   What we must understand is that THEY have not been taught peace.  They were taught the same system of war that everyone else was.   How can we expect them to have the answers?

The nations DO NOT KNOW HOW to have peace.

Even now, each world leader has plans for survival, but because of the war bred into them, their plans call for the very things that have caused this world to face a nuclear holocaust. The world leaders have no plans that would actually turn the world to peace. The plans they have will only bring more destruction than there has ever been in history.

And historically, there has been a lot of destruction.  Bigger and better weapons only bring more death... they do not educate us in the ways of peace. 

  "The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking."

Why does the world promote violence?  "...we face new challenges borne of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles. A situation that is getting worse. We need a new concept of deterrence that reflects both of these fundamental changes. In our view, one that combines offensive forces, deployed defenses, and a strong non-proliferation policy and arms control."--Press Conference by U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz in Berlin (Source : US Department of Defense ; issued May10, 2001)

"To meet our Nation's global responsibilities, our ability to move and sustain combat forces virtually anywhere in the world must be maintained." --General Shalikashvili, USA (Ret.) 27 Jan 1995

Be a PEACE MAKER!  United Defense Awards Contracts to Raytheon and SAIC for Advanced Gun System Projectile Development
"...United Defense has awarded two contracts for continued development of a Long Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) for the Advanced Gun System (AGS)... The 155-mm Advanced Gun System is in development at United Defense's Armament Systems Division in Minneapolis for service on the U.S. Navy's new Zumwalt class Land Attack Destroyer, DD 21." (United Defense has the widest product line of systems for land forces and a strong position in naval armaments.)

Peace  Air Force Lieutenant General Ronald Kadish told attendees at the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics "Year 2000 Multinational BMD Conference" in Philadelphia on June 5... First, the threat is real, and growing.   Second, we are making significant technological advances, making a limited missile defense of the United States possible. We can hit a bullet with a bullet. Indeed, we've already demonstrated it."--Ballistic Missile Defense Organization Director Answers Critics (Source : US State Department ; issued June 16, 2000)

The Peaceful Solution is the only way to lasting World Peace!   Terrorism: Definition and Worldwide Historical Timeline--"Terrorism," Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia 2001
http://encarta.msn.com © 1997-2000 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

"Terrorism, use of violence, or the threat of violence, to create a climate of fear in a given population...Terrorist acts date back to at least the 1st century..."

It is time to change our way of thinking.

War does not end war.  Fighting does not bring peace.  Building more weapons will not stop the violence and war that has been taught to all of mankind.   It is a disease that has been passed down from generation to generation and we need to do more than treat the symptoms... we need to cure it before it is passed to our children.

This sickness cannot be cured with medicines or drugs.  There are no quick fixes that can solve the problems the whole world is facing.  It will take a determination in the mind of each person to change, and the stamina to follow through.

All governments, in all nations, say they desire peace. They do not desire the nuclear holocaust they see coming. They want to be at peace with all people. They have the same desires we have. They desire a decent life and healthy living environment for themselves and their children.

Continuing the traditions of our past will not end the horrors.  We must begin now to change our thinking and teach our children a better way.

Violent apathetic children grow up to be violent apathetic adults and they in turn raise another generation just like them.   And the cycle continues on...

It is time to stop this cycle of war and violence...





You can Teach Peace and no longer be part of the problem!

Thus far, the world has not been successful in teaching the very simple precepts of peaceful coexistence. The result has been thousands of years of history repeating itself.  Great suffering could have been avoided if someone had stood up and taught the way of true Peace.  The time to change this is now.  There is a way to effect Peace in our time, but we must be willing to do something.

Words of Peace mean nothing by themselves.  Peace and harmony in your families and among your neighbors can only be achieved by learning and then teaching certain positive precepts and teaching them continually though repetition.

Remember, it has been shown that the mind of both adults and children are greatly influenced by repetition, and this can begin in the womb and be continued throughout our lives.  The repetition of sight, sound and actions becomes ingrained in our mind and affects us in a number of ways including our thoughts and our emotions, and eventually shows up in our reactions.

Teach your Children to LOVE PEACE!

When a child's father, mother and schoolteachers teach the child it is wrong to steal, then that child will have a propensity in his mind to choose not to steal. By teach, we mean explaining through constant positive repetition the reasons why and how stealing harms his family and himself, how stealing harms his neighbor, and how stealing affects society and the world as a whole.

When a child is taught through this diligent continual repetition that killing someone ends the existence of that person and destroys families, leaving other children without a father to lead, teach and provide for his family, that the result among the affected children and families is the building up of great emotions of anger and thoughts of hatred and revenge that cannot ever truly be quenched in their minds, this child will have a propensity in his mind to choose not to hate and not to murder.

There is a means of teaching peace through diligent repetition of these precepts with positive reinforcement.  It is called The Peaceful Solution®.  There is hope IF you are willing to choose PEACE and LIFE for your family and your fellow man.

This teaching program is based on character education.  The concepts are basic, and understandable to even the youngest children.  It is so powerful that you very quickly see astonishing and positive changes in your children. By teaching your children in the home and in the classroom you will see that there is indeed hope and a solution to the world's problems.  The children are our future, and we will create that future through what we teach them.

What these children need is loving parents, caregivers, mentors and teachers who will care for them and provide them with the surroundings that are needed in order to learn. We must begin to take advantage of this opportunity.  The horrors of not teaching these precepts of peace have been the norm in mankind's horrific history.   The time to change is now!   It cannot be stressed enough that our children will be in control of the future of our world and they need to be taught the ways of peace in order to experience peace within their lives both now and in the days to come.

Change takes some effort.  The problems budding today will bloom tomorrow unless we begin to act NOW!  The horrors of this world are caused by the improper teaching of our families and our schools.   We cannot just hope that our children will "do the right thing" without the proper training, and we can't rely on the idea that someone else will teach them.  The result will surely be world destruction unless we act right away to change the educational system of the whole world.

We must take an active part as concerned individuals, parents, teachers, relatives and neighbors alike. 

"This is the key to bringing peace to the earth and a full abundant life for every individual...

Let it start here! Let it start with you!"

There IS a Solution for ALL conflict. 

There IS a Solution if you are willing to put aside the preconceived notions from your past.

There IS a PEACEFUL Solution, but we must TEACH OUR CHILDREN "The Peaceful Solution®"

The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program--PSCEP www.peacefulsolution.org
FREE Peaceful Solution
® Character Education Sample Lesson Plans

Working with all NATIONS for WORLD Peace

-- "Teachers of Peace" supports and promotes "The Peaceful Solution®"  --


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